Sunday, 23 July 2017


News UK DfT Response to Drones Consultation The Department for Transport today published their response to the consultation that was held earlier in the year on the use of drones. What is disappointing is the level of response. Of the 678 responses the DfT received, only 213 were from model flyers, which is somewhere in the region of 0.6% of the model flyers in this country who are the member of a model flying association. What is positive is that the DfT recognise the long and safe history of organised model flying (and for ‘club’ read ‘association’)- ‘The Government will work with model aircraft flying clubs to examine ways in which it may be possible to exempt members of model aircraft flying clubs with adequate safety cultures and practices from certain elements of registration and other educational requirements, or where their club will be permitted to undertake regulatory requirements on their behalf. Flyers of model aircraft who are not members of a club, or are members of a club not deemed to have adequate standards will, however, not be excluded from registration or other requirements.’ What is of immediate concern, however, is the statement- ‘As well as this, the Government is minded to: Amend the Air Navigation Order 2016 to ban all drones of 7kg or less in weight flying above 400ft or 122m (drones of above 7kg are already banned from flying above this height).’ While this response is a statement of intent, rather than final policy, the LMA will, in conjunction with the other UK model flying associations, continue to work with the DfT & the CAA to make sure that model flying is not negatively impacted by the government’s understandable desire to not have a very nasty accident caused by inappropriate use of Drones. ↑ Back to the Top | Posted on Saturday, 22nd July, 2017 EASA Rules On ‘Drones’ – Your Response Needed As you may or may not have seen, EASA have published an updated set or proposed rules for the operation of ‘Drones’ (which will include model aircraft)- ‘NPA 2017-05 Introduction of a regulatory framework for the operation of drones — Unmanned aircraft system operations in the open and specific category’ The period for submitting comments to this NPA is from 12 May to 12 August. I shall be submitting a response on behalf of the LMA, but I would encourage all of you to read all 128 pages and submit a response too. As a note, when EASA say ‘Model clubs and associations’, the UK CAA are reading this as existing national associations with a track record, the LMA, BMFA, SAA & FPVUK. Little Whinging MFC does not count, nor will starting a new gang to try and get round it all! As with other consultations & proposals, I’m not creating any ‘stock’ responses, your thoughts are what matter rather than a thousand identical responses. When responding, please be polite! As irritating as this is to us all, rude emails to the people who have been given the job of doing this don’t help. Any questions, please let me know and I’ll do what I can. Rob Buckley Secretary – Large Model Association


speedy brit said...

Sure it will be fine and hopefully give better awareness to untrained "droners"
Fingers crossed it doesn't spoil our fun hobby :)

Broken Wing said...

I went onto the LMA site and posted a comment which I will reproduce here...

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Re: UK DFT Consultation feedback
by brucepeter2007 » July 23rd, 2017, 11:12 pm

It is such a shame that every aspect of our sport is under threat- be it from noise or hysteria. note the latter being brought about by the few irresponsible people who won't register or have any regard for the law anyway.
Our club (Bartons Point Model Flying Club) has just finished it's "Flying Spectacular" which the club puts on each year as a free event for the public to see what our sport is all about with top pilots attending and a lot of time is given up by our members for free to generated good will.
I suspect all the clubs out there promote good practice and safe flying already and the current laws that are around make it possible to prosecute anyone who flys anything in an unsafe manner so why do we need even more legislation I do not understand.
Even with the proposed registration only the responsible will register anyway so the people who break the rules now will still be out there so how will registration help matters.
All I seem to see is the few that ruin it for the many...
Am I missing something - as to read and fully understand the proposed legislation is beyond my understanding as I am no lawyer but a law abiding safe flying club member who belongs to a recognised club and governing body.
Regards Peter Bruce.